Who doesn’t love a party? Even my partner and I doesn’t own a spacious apartment, we try to organize a cozy dinner with our closest friends once in a while. This time was a more special occasion, It was his 25th Birthday party. This post is to share with you how we decorated and prepared for the party. It’s nothing like a glamorous and fancy party but definitely very cozy and friendly. 🙂

Event invitation


As our apartment is pretty small, I decided to go for a pajamas kind of party but minus the sleepover part. Everything is very lay back, I don’t even have to think about what to wear ( which is awesome!! ). All you have to do is create an Event on Facebook with an invitation ideally 2 weeks before the party. It allows people to decide and make time for your event. Moreover, you can see if how many people are going to join so its easier to prepare food and beverage. Most important, being organized and have a checklist for the event is always good. (If you are prone to stress like me!!! )



I’ve printed out these free printable chalkboard banner letters from I should be mopping the floor Blog  to create a Happy Birthday banner. All you need is : removable clear command hooks, twine, and small wooden clips to hang them up, adding some LED fairy lights from Ikea to make it more sparkly.

Happy Birthday banner
Decorative table

Photo booth party props

I’ve made my own photo booth party props by collecting and printing out stickers and stick them on the straws. These are some free printable stickers I found on Pinterest from Pure Sweet Joy DIY Lifestyle blog and The Budget Savvy Bride

Party photo booth props
Table decoration

Here I have a decorative table below the banner to display the birthday cake. There are some party supplies I purchased at K-mart according to the black, white and gold theme. I’m totally impressed by the  variety of party decor in K-mart, check them out here: Table scatters, Napkins and Straws

42215240-f-1 42244479-f-142283881-f-1


I love balloons in parties. They are colorful, fun and always exciting for guests. I ordered my helium balloons in Big W one week before the party. The staffs there are extremely helpful, they take the orders and make sure the baloons are blowed up and ready for pickup. Make your balloons more interested by sticking these cute penguin and polar bear stickers on. Learn how to do it step by step on Fiestasycumples 

Polar bear baloon






The food

For the food, I made Grilled chicken mango salad, Ham & cheese mini sandwiches, Hot wings , good old Pho ( Vietnamese beef noodles soup ) and homemade mango sponge cake (because my boyfriend loves mango ). I was happy with the amount of food, however, my friends seems to still graving for more salads. So now I know that 2 big bowls of salad is  not enough for 15 [very hungry] human beings. The cake was a disaster even it doesn’t look that bad in the photo, the sponge cake was good but my mascarpone cheese cream layer was curdled and very plain. I definitely need to improve my baking skills :(. What I learned is that you should really make something you’re comfortable with and don’t coming up with something new in a day because there’s no extra time to fix it. The beef noodles soup was a great main dish because everyone seems to enjoy something warm and filling after the card drinking games.


hot wings

pho noodle soup garnish

Grilled chicken mango salad

These are two of my happy purchases from Ikea to display the food:

Candle holder ( to DIY a temporary cake stand, simply take some blue tack and stick a big round plate on top), Glass serving bowl ( good size for salads and very affordable)











And… That’s it. I hope that this post is helpful for some of you who has a small apartment like us. Even if things don’t go the way you planned, remember that after all, what’s really matter is good friends who enjoy each other’s company, good food and good laughs.







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