I’ve been having this girly problem when my necklaces tangle up on my dressing table because I put them in a storage box. Therefore I did a little bit research and found out tons of DIY on jewelry holder (which is overwhelming but quite inspiring at the same time) . What attracted me most was the kind of jewelry stands created by copper pipes with multi levels. It looks very efficient since you can hang almost any types of jewelry including watches and hair tie, etc. I decided to make a trip to Bunning Warehouse where I always have so much fun on every visit . This time is not an exception since I’ve found the materials for this pine and copper jewelry holder DIY. I didn’t buy the exact things I planned to get which is the copper pipes. Instead of that I found gorgeous pine dowels and decided to use one cooperate with the copper pressure tee for fittings. This is a more budget friendly option compare to the whole copper pipes stand since you have to buy a copper cutter and several end caps.

What you will need to make this Jewelry holder

DIY Jewelry holder

. One 19mm x 0.9 m pine dowel

. One the Porta Pine Clear Bun Foot

. Three 20 mm Copper Capillary Tee

. A hand saw/ electrical saw

. Sanding paper

. Craft glue ( any type that can use for timber )

. Safety gloves for protection

DIY Jewelry holder


Firstly, mark on the pine dowel the lengths that you want to cut:

. One 140mm long pieces

. Two 120mm long pieces

. Four 100mm long pieces (btw, there are 5 pieces in the photo but you only need 4, I happened to have an extra piece after cut the dowel)

After that, use a hand saw to cut it and sand the pieces with sanding paper for a smooth finish. (don’t use the sanding block ! It did not work for the pipe dowels! )

I didn’t have a clean cut but you can totally use an electrical saw for a more of a solid cut. Then after that, everything is quite explanatory. You just have to use the copper tees to connect all of the pine dowel pieces

DIY Jewelry holder description

The key is to choose the connect tee with size just a little bit bigger than your dowel so everything fit nicely when you twist it in! I connected everything first then glue it to the base after to secure it… and that’s it !!! There you have it our pine & copper jewelry holder!!!

DIY Jewelry holder

DIY Jewelry holder description

I didn’t glue the copper tees with the pine dowel pieces since I want to be able to modify later. This can not hold all of your jewelry if you have a big collection but I don’t have a lot so this basically can display everything! There are several variations of this kind of jewelry stand online. You can make it a simple T one level holder for a minimal look or go for more levels (more space to hang stuff on! yay! )

I hope this inspired some of you to decorate your dressing table with something stylish and functional! Let me know if you gonna try to make this!

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