Everyone has a bad day once in a while. For someone who tends to oversensitive things (like myself), it can be frustrated. Over the years, I have learned quite a few things to conquer negative thoughts. These things work well for me most of the cases and they have long-term effects. Sounds good ?!? Here we go! 5 things to do to pick yourself up when you’re feeling down:


Being positive when you’re feeling like shit is hard. Especially when the negative outcomes are caused by other people and not you. However, I realized that having a blaming- mindset can cause even more negativity attention within ourselves. What we need to do is turn our brain into the problem- solving mode. Which means that you focus on the opportunity to learn from the problems and shift your thoughts to be curious & fascinate to find out why people do what they do instead of being angry with them. Develop a positive mental attitude is not easy, it takes time. By slowly changing your approach on negative situations will change you for the better! Personally, what I do when I feeling down is to act kind with others. You can have a bad day today -> but decided to cook an awesome meal for your family. Or you might be disagreeing with your manager -> Instead of drowning yourself of anger, organize an afternoon tea when everyone in the company can get together, talk and share about work!


When I don’t feel my best, I usually think of ways to add values to my life. Or what aspect of my life that need a bit of improvement. What I did that really help is to write down the areas that matter most in my life and one thing that I can do to make them better. After that, I find time to fit those things in my schedule. For example, take an online software course to benefits you at work, research on finance tips on how to save & budget your money. This is something I learned from this book: The one thing written by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan. By using that method, you create…kind of a problem- solving & self-enrichment system which is simple but effective.


Having self- doubt is just nasty for your soul! Unfortunately, that’s how I tend to feel when I screw up. The first step, admit your insecurities and turns it around, even laugh at yourself. Yes, I have small boobs but that’s something I can’t change, so I’m going to embrace it instead of feeling insecure for the rest of my life. Yes, I learn things as slow as a turtle but I would never stop walking up that hill! Learn to love yourself is crucial to be confidence. If you’re feeling down, I recommended start to do one thing a day that good for you and make you feel good about yourself. Even something as simple as drinking more water, eat a healthy wholesome meal, pamper yourself with a bubble bath, go to the gym etc.  Whatever that nurture your body & soul!


I feel like this is a bit off track for this topic. However, I truly believe that Goal visualization helps me heaps through bad times. Somehow, the idea of setting future goals and trying to archive them make the difficulties seem very small. There are tons of research stated that visualization can help tremendously in archiving your goals. This article in Huffingtonpost explains why it works!

I kind of incorporate this method into my life by creating boards on Pinterest. I keep the boards secret ( have wide dreams and afraid my family members going to send me to therapy if they see the things I pinned… ain’t nothing wrong with that though! you’ve got to dream big!) I have a personal style board, a career board, life values/purpose boards, personal brand board. I pin images about career, lifestyle article, quote, and people that I admire, etc. All the things that I resonate with which help describe & communicate my future goals. I love to look at those boards every morning before I start to work to remind myself that everything I’m working hard for has a purpose.


Does anyone agree that mindfulness is the most awesome trend that happened? A Mindful approach in life can relieve stress and increase self-awareness. I took out a lot of things that my yoga teacher said in class. One of my favorites is:” Take a few minutes to check in with yourself. How you’re feeling physically and mentally? “. After a hard day, ask yourself that question to connect with the present moment, acknowledge what you feel, but at the same time, to be grateful for what you’re lucky to have.

And… that’s it, my 5 pieces of advice on how to pick yourself up when you’re feeling down… or feeling like an actual shit. Everyone need to customize a system that works for them of course! Remember that whatever happened, all we have is today. Don’t waste it feeling unhappy.

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