Love to print out your photos and display them? This post is right up your ally!!! Here I am sharing my 3 favourite creative ways to hang pictures without having to create any holes on the wall.

If you’re renting a place like I do, Command Hooks are going to be your best friends when it comes to putting anything on the walls. They are super easy to use! The only advice I had is to read the description carefully. You want to choose the right hooks for the weight of the objects you’ll be hanging and also to remove them correctly. Therefore, you won’t hurt yourself and the hooks won’t take away any piece of paint on the walls. ( Trust me! I’ve learned it the hard way). I’m a big fan of the clear Command Hooks, they have a variety of sizes and most important, they look nice and clean!

Hanging photos with Twine and Pegs

This is quite explanatory. Simply stick on the mini clear command hooks on the wall, then hang the twine up (personally I think it looks best on a plain empty wall). After that, printed out some of your favorite photos and affirmation in different sizes to create a layer effect. One thing I love about this is the photos can be updated easily. If you want to hang more pictures, just hang another row of twine!

DIY photo display with twine and pegs

DIY Photos display with twine and pegs

Hanging photos on metal Mesh and pegs

I got this mesh from Ikea which originally made for hanging plants but it works perfectly for hanging pictures and fairy lights. One thing I noticed that it takes me a long time to choose the right photos. With that being said, I’m extremely happy with the end result since I picked the photos that represent moments I cherished.  This turned out to be an inspiration board which reminds me to be grateful for what I experienced in life!

DIY Photos display with metal rack & pegs

DIY Photos display with metal rack & pegs

photos hanger Using dowel and Twine

I had an extra piece of dowel from the last jewelry rack DIY. Therefore, I decided to make this photos hanger. All you need are some photos ( better with the same theme/ color scheme), twine, tape, scissor, 19mm dowel and lastly a hand saw to cut the dowel.

DIY Photos hanger with wooden dowel & twine

I got my twine at Kmart. However, I can’t find the exact same thing on the website but this natural twine and ribbon pack look even better! To make this, first cut a piece of twine and tie knots on both sides of the dowel ( the length is up to personal preference, mine is 150mm). Then tie another piece of twine in the middle of the dowel where your photos will be stuck on ( mine is 200mm long). Remember to secure both ends of this hanger on the table to keep it straight before sticking the back of the photos to the twine. Try to keep an equal distance between the photos when you tape them to archive more of a polish look.

DIY Photos hanger with wooden dowel & twine


DIY Photos hanger with wooden dowel & twine

Well, there you go! 3 super easy ideas to display photos. Let me know your thoughts and comments ! Do you have your own interesting way to display your photos?


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