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I recently experienced a job- loss.  I’m sure this is just a stepping stone in my career and nothing can keep me away from archiving my dream. What’s matter is the experiences and the opportunities to learn and to start all over again. However, honestly … the struggle was real! I felt sucks when it just happened. Therefore, I decided to write this post today sharing my personal tips that helped me feel better, regain my confidence to move forward.

1. Have a positive point of view

Trust me, I understand that it’s extremely hard and almost … impossible to not have negative thoughts after any kind of loss/ failure. What I did that worked out for me was just taking some time and relax. I did a bunch of research online about positive attitude, collected inspirational quotes, articles about successful people. I found that this help a lot since I was doubting my abilities, losing my self- confidence. I kept asking myself “What if I did this instead of this?” “What if I studied this software instead of this software before?” and after all the questions that start with “what if” I started to accept that I can’t turn back time. This unfortunate event has happened and I can only learn from it and keep going. Therefore, reading affirmation and successful stories was lifting my spirit up and inspired me to continue work hard to archive my career goal. So don’t beat yourself up, instead of that, fill your mind with positive thoughts.

 “If I fail, I am one step closer to succeeding; I am smarter and more savvy because the knowledge I’ve gained through this experience”

 Check out this article of Forbes on strategies to make peace with failure.

2. Ask for Advice, reach to your connections

I know how hard it is to tell someone that knew you had a job and now you are unemployed. I was so afraid to be embarrassed that I planned to lie with my friends that I quit or to find a new job ASAP so they won’t find out. However, I’ve learned now that my colleagues, good friends, family members [Yes, I did tell everyone about my job when I first got it :)] are not undervalued after what happened. Most of my old colleagues, friends who got a chance to see how I worked know that I didn’t lost my job due to my personality or work ethics.

Moreover, reach out for someone who is more experienced and working in the industry to give you analytical advice. Not only sharing make you feel better, but listening to other perspectives can help you find the lessons in your job- loss. And since I considered my job now is to get a new job which is more suitable for my skills set and my career goal. I professionally freshened up my resume, portfolio and social networking pages.

3. Have better self- awareness: Understand your way of learning and don’t take others criticism personally

What I felt before after losing my job was losing my directions and have a lot of self – doubt. My advice would be that don’t ever personalized someone’s criticism. I used to think that because I can’t get something done and couldn’t meet deadlines in my first weeks therefore I am not smart, prone to silly mistakes and a burden to everyone. This affects my work performance negatively.

But this research on Qoura was seriously opened my eyes. Everyone have their own way of learning, you might be slower than others but it doesn’t mean you don’t have potential. For example, I think I’m a 50%doing, 30%watching and 20% analyzing learner.

I tend to do general  researches and observe how someone do the task in the first stages but hate going through lengthy in-depth preparation and usually lose my focus. I learn to do something most effective by constantly practice and become more experienced by making mistakes. Which I would say is a bit tricky because no one can be patience to see someone making a lot of mistakes without doubting his/her abilities.

So… This is what I’ve been doing when I’m trying to pick up a software that I haven’t touched for a while ( which means that I already forgot everything because I didn’t practice it ! Errrrg! ). I take notes and gather as much information as possible, watch online tutorials. During my study, I would have small breaks ( do some stretches, make a coffee/tea ) to refocus my brain. Lastly, I will have to practice it realistically. So far this worked wonderfully for me.

4. have a strategy

Ok!!! Let’s face it. Finding a job, especially a job in the design industry nowadays might seems a bit daunting. A job hunt equally a battlefield!!! Even with a short- working period of time in the industry can help you have a better idea about the direction you want to take for your career and what skills you need to improve. It might be a little bit dramatic but I actually mind map my career goals strategy, everything that I need to take actions for, from branding myself to new skills to learn and update.

Moreover, don’t undervalue spiritual aspects in your daily life such as live mindfully, learn to meditate, cook healthier food, overall build a life patterns that suit you best to help you relax and more focus . For someone who always over thinking like myself, I look back to one of my favorite book “The one thing” written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan to set my goals and my life strategy in the most effective and simplistic way.

You can check out this post here where I summarized what I learned from it.

I hope this is helpful for anyone out there who are in this job- loss situation. Don’t forget that the best is yet to come!!! Let’s go back to what we’re working on now and make magic!!!

Have an inspiring day!





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