The freedom, the liberation and natural aspects of the bohemian style has always attracted me. And yes!! There’re many times I attempted to become one of the boho chicks and realised that the gypsy kind of clothing just doesn’t suit me. However, I’m kind of draw my interest into bohemian interior design recently. Contemporary interior with bohemian styling can make your home look cozy, relaxing and a lot of fun.

So if you are still new with this Bohemian interior style, good new is there’s nothing to worry. This style is all about the randomness. However, personally, I do prefer the modern interior with a bohemian twist rather than the original 1980s bohemian look which tends to make the space a little bit busy.

The basic guidelines would be the materials you used to style the space. My advice is that you should stick to natural elements. For example, timber, glass, stone, ceramics, feathers, etc.  and remember that the less synthetic the materials look, the better.

Natural materials & elements

My favourite ceiling design for a bohemian home would be simple timber ceiling  with some natural material drop lights. Moreover, the plants will help balance out the rustic materials and bring feshness to the interior space.

Natural rustic ceiling
Natural basket drop lights
These succulents are so cute and they’re extremely easy to take care of

Soft materials

The use of soft materials are highly recommend in styling your perfect boho home.

As an international student who couldn’t afford a sofa in her rent apartment, I can ensure you that a comfortable floor seating living room can be much more interesting than having a traditional sofa and coffee table.  Even better if you can style it with colourful pattern pillows and impressed your friends when they come lounging at your place.

Bohemian floor seatings
If you feel comfortable with floor seatings, maybe this dining area could be a good idea 🙂

The bedroom is indeed a girl wildest dream. There’s no rule in styling a bohemian bedroom. The headboard could be a fabric tapestry, curtains. Or in my wildest dream the whole bed will be cover in a soft airy canopy. oohlala!

Canopy bed

Finally, decorative wall hangings are very important elements as it delivered that boho vibe.  I’m currently obsessed with these macrame hangings. Such a piece of art! You can also hang some dream catchers in your bedrooms for decoration and also to keep bad dreams away. How great is that ?!?!

Macrame hangings
Dream Catchers

And there you go ! Those are the styling tips I collected in order to archive a bohemian interior home. I hope that it help some of you out there. If you have your own tips, please leave them in the comments.

Have an inspiring day !


Mia Nguyen




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